The Essence of “To Be”

A people in poverty with a whole lot of gadgets

Is this the best I can do?

Pull me right, pull me left

Make it hard to see.

What’s in is out.

What’s out is in.

A logical episteme.

To state is to be.

To be is to state.

Existence is a deeper thing.

So, Exist me out of poverty.

In a logical fallacy.

For existence is my constant need.

Poverty is methodology.

What is love?  He taught me

the message in the steps.

What is love? She taught me

the reminder of little things

And the piecing together

Of the patchwork

In a Battlefield of longing

Whose being is of poverty.

Patchwork, struggle; the symptoms of the encumbered

If you need to prove it, it’s not real.

Yet love is real.

As a theory of possibility.

Through methods of honesty,

An unencumbered philosophy

A mutual serenity

Where state experiences existence


Who the White Ones Needed



Dear children of Zion.

Would you roar like the Lions.

who lay watch to christendom’s reign       


For we stragglers of mercy

are wanting of worthy

as savior and sinner are same.       


 Alone in our tower

with mirrors counting hours

we call on the ones we ordain.


And through aim we seek you

and in words we keep you

oh children of Zion we maim


And we set on our Jesus

a power most grievous

the degree of hierarchy’s game


So when mystery alerts us

our dogma reverts us

for greater and lesser we claim


Dear children of Zion

deny us our iron

and awaken us from our play


For water does drown us

and fire confounds us

and in it we wait to for His day


While we parlay with actors

and bow to detractors

and look to the other for gain.


Oh clay from the soil

your being does toil

as you tarry inside of our bane.


We slaves to our mercy

our beings unworthy

to say that we all are the same.


For hierarchy does scorn us

and grace, it does mourn us

as to HIS love we climb in our cage


In might we are broken

an eagle uncertain

preserving and kicking God’s name


And we build you a story

that we have preserved you

and freedom is your right to gain.


Yet sit on your weapons

and guard your possessions

For we are a prophet in blame.


If only for Jesus

Alas you might leave us

but Darwin does seek that you stay.

And tells you you’re equal

but claims right to your people

for the greater deals cards to the lame

Oh Children of Zion

Would you roar Like the Lions

For truth is your only domain

And right us our error

through presence or terror

until we can no more sustain

A word that is equal

a sign of a people

a vision that buries our fame


Oh children of Zion

more worthy than iron

God’s most unnamable name.

It is you that will save us

if only to bait us

from the bait that we have ordained.